Different Types of Mountain Bicycle

It is essential to choose the right type of bicycle according to height and body structure because riding on a wrong model of the bicycle can result in severe body pain or other health issues. There are different types of bicycles like MTBs, SLRs and road bicycles that have different features and functionalities. Therefore, they are manufactured by using diverse frames and components.

Similarly, mountain bicycles are also divided into different types including cross country, dirt jumping, and free ride MTBs. All these types differ from each other in terms of suspension, riding style, gears, brakes, bike fit and frame material. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with all these factors to purchase a suitable MTB on a budget.

It is suggested for buyers to look for a reliable bicycle manufacturer that offers a wide range of MTBs. In fact, many manufacturers guide buyers to select the right model of mountain bikes from their collection.

Take a look at different types of bikes offered by some well-known bicycle manufacturers.

Cross Country Mountain Bicycles

As the name suggests, this type of MTB is designed for cross country rides. These mountain bicycles are comparatively lighter in weight than other MTB types. Besides this, these bicycles have short travel front suspension forks. Usually, aluminum is used to make frames of these bicycles but some manufacturers also use advanced carbon fiber to make frames of cross country MTBs.

Down Hill Mountain Bikes

The suspension level of downhill mountain bicycles(sykkel) is higher than that of cross country mountain bikes. Apart from this, the frame of this bike is required to be light yet strong therefore manufacturers use carbon fiber or expensive alloys to make the frame of these bicycles.

All-Mountain MTBs

These mountain bicycles(birk) are made in sturdy frames and have bigger suspensions as compared to other MTBs. Due to better suspension and robust frames, all-mountain MTBs have remarkable weight. The structure of these bicycles(elsykkel) makes pedaling to uphill easy but cyclists have to hold to control the bike when coming down from a hill.

Freeride Mountain Bicycles

Due to the significant emphasis on suspension, free-ride MTBs are compared with downhill mountain bicycles. But free-ride bikes are made with heavier and stronger components. Although, thick tubes are used in the manufacturing of these bicycles but these MTBs are lighter than a downhill bike.

Trail Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bikes are supposed to be great for those who don’t wish to ride on steep and rugged passes. The structure of these bicycles(landeveissykkel) doesn’t emphasize on suspension but some trail MTBs are heavy in weight.

Dirt Jumping MTBs

With the small suspension and fine structure, dirt jumping MTBs are considered to be the strongest among all MTBs. Usually, these bikes have large handlebars and small seats. Most cyclists prefer dirt jumping mountain bikes with installed reared brake cable and no front brake.

Road bikes are fun to ride and can provide hours of conservation for the people that are around you. They will want to know about the type that you have and where they can get one of their own. These are just a few of the reasons why these make for such popular gifts.

These are some common types of a mountain bicycle. By considering the difference among these types, you can choose the right one for you.